Why Study Liberal Arts?


Why Liberal Arts? Why not Engineering? Why not Computer Science?

There are plenty of other options available. But then why Liberal Arts? Liberal Arts is a flexible degree with a wide range of optional modules for your major – field of interest. Teaching methodology of Liberal Arts includes lectures, case study discussions, live projects, on field exposure, peer learning, presentations and seminars along with audio-visual aids. It helps in shaping the overall personality of an individual either mental or physical faculties through participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The objective of Liberal Arts is to develop critical thinking, articulation and overall personality development of the student.

Benefits of studying Liberal Arts

– Diverse and balanced knowledge of the subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences and Humanities
– Problem-solving, analytical and knowledge-building skills
– Creative thinking & oral and written communication skills
– Flexibility to comprehend various disciplines and adaptability
– Ability to speak and write effectively and to interact with people at different levels

Is an Arts degree worth in today’s tech savvy world?

A degree in Arts is valuable and much needed in the modern work environment. The significance of skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening are effective along with extensive knowledge of various fields, analysing data and numbers, quick problem solving and creative thinking, shall always be considered while recruiting or pursuing higher studies. Such traits can be developed and fostered only through a program in Liberal Arts. 

Reasons to study Liberal Arts:

  • A perfect base for the further studies
  • Best way to deep dive your knowledge & skills through various disciplines
  • With technology advancement, jobs are disappearing. It prepares students in diverse fields to survive and thrive.
  • It bestows basic skills such as communication, logical reasoning and brainstorming required for jobs
  • As per a recent survey, 74 % of CEOs consider Liberal Arts education to create a dynamic work culture.

Instead of narrowing down on a discipline, it is always better to explore various streams and deepen the knowledge. Liberal Arts can be a great base for your future studies.

Liberal Arts is a timeless degree. Hence, it is a wise choice.

Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts by Karnavati University offers a comprehensive 4-year bachelor’s program in Liberal Arts leading to a BA (Hons), which includes not just technical know-how but also knowledge on societies, cultures and communication skills. The course enhances communication skills and quantitative aptitude by offering subjects like history, economics, research, literature and political science.


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