Ever wondered what is Liberal Arts?

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Liberal Arts is deemed to be one of the oldest subjects in the world. Its education includes academic subjects such as Humanities, Mathematics and Social and Physical Sciences, etc.

Let’s go back to the history and the basics of Liberal Arts:

The study goes back to ancient Greeks who used to consider Liberal Arts’ education as the ultimate benchmark to be a literate person. Liberal Arts has been a part of the US higher education curriculum long back and later, it was established in continental Europe. But it was originated in Europe. In Asia, it acquired momentum in 2013 with only one Liberal Arts college in Africa.

Subjects of Liberal Arts were mandatory to take a part in civic life that included participating in public debate, court activities and military services. Grammar, reasoning and rhetoric were the core Liberal Arts topics.

Current Scenario of Liberal Arts

In the modern context, Liberal Arts education has been divided into the following main topics:

The humanities include Art, Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Theatre, Speech, Classical Languages, etc.

Social Sciences include History, Psychology, Law, Sociology, Politics, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Business Informatics, etc.

Natural Sciences include Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Archaeology, Zoology, Geology, Earth Sciences, etc.

Formal Sciences include Mathematics, Logic, Statistics, etc.

Don’t be confused between Liberal Arts and Humanities. The latter is part of the former as a subsection.

Liberal Studies do not only focuses on a particular subject, but also on offering students an environment where they can acquire practical learning of the subject. It focuses on overall development of the students with imparting leadership and communication skills as well as developing a sense of teamwork.

So in short, Liberal Arts bestows outstanding flexibility and a balance of knowledge across various disciplines/fields.

Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts by Karnavati University offers a comprehensive 4-year bachelor’s program in Liberal Arts leading to a BA (Hons), which includes not just technical know-how but also knowledge on societies, cultures and communication skills. The course enhances communication skills and quantitative aptitude by offering subjects like history, economics, research, literature and political science.


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